The company you keep…


Our First Selectman chose to join a group of Gun-Controllers who include the following:


2 Responses to “The company you keep…”

  1. Tom says:

    since Tammany Hall, Big Tim Sullivan, on of the most corrupt politicians to this day, gave NYS the gun control laws that have set the stage for what we are experiencing today. The main reason for the enactment of the laws that created the permit system was that the stick up men in Red Hook who were shaking down truck drivers…were met with opposition from men carrying guns to defend them selves. when this started to happen, the thieves could no longer rob the truck drivers and in turn, Tim’s police who were on the take and were receiving a cut from the gangs loot…were losing money.
    So Tim, based on the request of a naive citizen for another matter, jammed through, again in the midnight hour, the requirement that to posses a firearm… must have a permit issued by the same corrupt police who were on the take.

  2. Tom says:

    Our modern “citizens” with little or no concept of self sufficiency, coupled with a government who is ever encroaching on our freedoms from various vantage points, has “conditioned” that same citizenry into not understanding, nor wanting to assume a confrontational stance in topics of relevance. Freedom cannot be maintained without the constant painstaking vigilance of its citizens. The last line of defense against a tyrannical government is an armed citizenry. Firearms in the peoples hands are NOT for target shooting, recreation, hunting of even self defense from crime. These are a side bar to the real reason we have guns……to keep the government in check. IF there should ever be a body required to regulate firearms in any way……………it is NOT the government. You do not have the wolf watch the hen house.

    Im so sorry to see the average person so conditioned to being a docile, good consumer, who blindly obeys the laws that are not created from a sense of morality, but from a notion of controlling the population, while all that he has, from his savings, to his land, to the infrastructure is being categorically stolen from him.

    To see a patently correct article like this exist, without universal, vocal and active condemnation shows how lost our people are. I pray that one day, before a major social calamity confronts us, we wake up.

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